Our website is back: alive and active

18 novembre 2016
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18 novembre 2016, Comments:  Comments

Laborplast’ website will be constantly updated!

Laborplast' website is back!

Our website will be constantly updated

After several time, the Laborplast team (finally) decided to restart updating the company website.

The last item added dates back to 23 January of this year and the previous one 9 months before.

So, our aim is now to publish at least 2 news items per month, from now on.

These items will have as content topics of general interest in the world of plastic and PVC.

We will create sections, we will publish statistics on the current market and give you our opinion on the most interesting articles published in the specialized press.

Obviously, in the last few months we didn’t stop.

We were committed to continuously improve the quality of our products, from grain, with new formulations of compounds and a better selection of suppliers.

We are also considering the use of new-generation stabilizers to replace partially or totally what was the previous stabilization and produce a higher quality material.

Meet our 3rd generation members!

As it’s never been done, we are glad to announce that our staff has been enriched by five new full-time members of the third generation Pariani:

Francesca, daughter of Piero, which deals with the sales-side.

Nicolò, son of Marino, who follows in the footsteps of his father in warehouse management and logistics in general.

Mattia, son of Roberto. He graduated in Chemical Engineering, and now is giving its contribution in reformulating compounds, by using its preparation. In his spare time, he published some news items on this website.

Alessio, son of Marino, which in addition to the logistics, will manage all website updates.

Finally, since October 2016 you can find Davide, the son of Piero, to help the mixing and granulation department.

Recently Mattia, Alessio and Davide, along with Roberto, took part in a seminary for injection moulding. The aim is to better understand what are the needs of our customers and also to improve all produced materials with this technology.