for Injection Moulding (LABOR-INJ)

Project Description:


Our Regenerated PVC granules are produced with the objective of adapting the formulation to customers needs and requests.

We use materials of post-industrial origin to minimize the possibility of contaminations.

During the production are used solely and exclusively Calcium and Calcium-Zink stabilizers.

It is to consider the opportunity to produce compound from your materials under tolling agreement, with the possibility (if explicitly requested)  of correcting the base formulation to upgrade the final product.

This compound is produced from highly selected materials and formulated specifically for Injection Moulding 

The formulation requires the use of PVC with K-value not exceeding 60, to give very good mechanical features to the compound, keeping a good flowability.

Maximum nominal filtration: 80μm

The code LABOR-INJ (Injection Moulding) that you will find on the label identifies the category of compound.

On request, we can provide granules made with virgin PVC for food, pharamaceutical or medical industry.

Granulo per Stampaggio (INJ) Arancio

Granule for Injection Moulding (LABOR-INJ) Orange


Granulo per Stampaggio (LABOR-INJ) Grigio

Granule for Injection Moulding (LABOR-INJ) Grey

Granulo per Stampaggio (INJ) AvorioGranule for Injection Moulding (LABOR-INJ) Ivory


Granulo per Stampaggio (INJ) Bianco

Granule for Injection Moulding (LABOR-INJ) White


Pezzi stampati

Samples produced using our Injection Moulding compound