25 marzo 2016
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25 marzo 2016, Comments:  Comments

On January 23rd, 2016, “IL SOLE 24 ORE” daily newspaper published an article about our company in its section: “Varese e provincia – imprese che innovano e competono” (Varese and its district – companies that innovate and compete). Here are the picture and the article: Founded in 1958 by the Pariani brothers, Laborplast Srl is among the leading companies in recycled rigid PVC processing and specialises in pipes and granules production. The first are for winding thermoplastic films, textiles, geotextile products, nets and more generally everything requiring to be wound up around a core; the second are for production of extruded or moulded objects such as pipes, joints, and profiles in general. The constant research, together with a special care for the environment ensure that resorting to recycled materials is increasingly widespread. In such a context, products in recycled PVC offer high performance with a reduced environmental impact. The company has recently made important investments, such as its new production unit in Busto Arsizio and the purchase of cutting-edge production plants, that will enable to market higher quantities and different typologies of recycled rigid PVC granules and pipes. As of today, Laborplast has 8 production lines, with a production capacity of over 10,000 tons a year. Thanks to the quality of its products and the continuous commitment of its personnel today the company can compete in the international markets, first of all European and African. Laborplast adheres to the Recovinyl European Consortium for PVC recycling.