Recovery & Recycling

Recycling PVC – For a sustainable development

Until mid past century little heed was paid to the plastic materials recycling issue, as the volumes of products marketed were not yet high enough to raise this problem. However, today the recycling issue has taken on a role of primary importance.


Indeed, recycling PVC has many advantages:

1) features similar to virgin PVC;

2) lower product cost;

3) respect for the environment.

In fact, by recycling not only we prevent dumping tons of material at life-cycle end in waste disposal sites (about 100,000 tons of product at life-cycle end available), or dispatching them to waste-to-energy, but we reduce the global warming potential as well, as witnessed by a study from VinyLoop Ferrara, which brought to light that the energy requirement of recycled PVC is 46% lower than that of virgin PVC, and thus the global warming potential is 39% lower.

The data divulged by Vinylplus on May 3rd, 2013 concerning PVC recycling are very encouraging: in 2012 over 360,000 tons of material were recovered and recycled in Europe; the target is reaching the quota of 800,000 within 2020.