The History

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In July, 1958, brothers Eugenio, Pierino, Paolo and Giovanni establish “Fratelli Pariani” in Sacconago di Busto Arsizio (VA), manufacturing PVC pipes and fittings for construction industry. Around early ‘70s the factory foresees the importance of recycling this plastic material and begins its recycling with a small extruder. In 1972, considering the increasing demand from the market, the factory invests in a new production unit of approximately 3,600 sq yd, in Bienate di Magnago (VA), where it moves in the summer of 1973; “Fratelli Pariani” factory becomes “Laborplast” company. From now on the company begins to offer its products on the industrial market in general, and particularly to weaving factories.

By the end of the ‘70s the grown children of the Pariani brothers join in with the company; thanks to the passion and tenacity inherited by their parents, they provided all their commitment ever since and still do today for the development and the progress of the company. Since 1999, thanks to the increased demand for recycled PVC pipes by certain sectors (primarily flexible packaging), the company initiated constant investments, still ongoing to this day, in new production lines, more performing and ameliorative of quality. Moreover, since that year, by attending important international fairs, Laborplast consistently committed to the research for new markets and the development of its products, to meet the needs of every customer and market a product offering an excellent value for money, while respectful of the environment and thus in everyone’s best interest.

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In 2005 the company invested in a new granulation plant with enough production capacity to provide a greater supply of recycled granules, thus allowing to offer on the market this product, too, and meet immediate success. At this juncture, an awareness surfaces in Laborplast that it can have a product the market is interested in, and so an investment for a further recycling plant is decided.

Thanks to the trust granted by its customers, despite the crisis that in 2008 struck all sectors on a global scale, in the spring of 2010 Laborplast invests in the construction of a new production unit of over 12,000 sq yd in Busto Arsizio (VA) which since August 2013 became the main production unit, while keeping the unit in Bienate di Magnago.

Currently, Laborplast has 6 PVC extrusion lines and 2 PVC recycling plants, for an overall production capacity of over 10,000 tons per year of granules for extrusion and reel cores for the most varied industrial uses, such as winding plastic flexible films, non-woven fabrics of geotextiles sector, nets of any kind and weaving/dyeing (see products).

To this date the company, thanks to the enthusiasm of the Pariani Brothers’ grown grandchildren as well, prepares with this third generation for the challenges the future has in store for it.